In the last years I have been involved in several European projects. Here is a list of the most relevant projects for which I am involved as a scientific responsible (i.e. principal investigator).

Below follow a summary of the the research projects I have been involved in. For a complete list of papers see my publications list (Publications).

Whole-body dynamics with contact switching

with D. Pucci, F. Romano, G. Nava, S. Traversaro, S. Dafarra and F. Andrade

This research activity concerns the control of the iCub whole-body posture in situations which involve breaking and establishing contacts. At present, this research benefits of recent results in force/torques sensor calibration, proof of stability of inverse dynamic control approaches.

Open-source software repository: (1) WBI-Toolbox-controllers for step recovery, (2) codyco-modules, (3) WBI-Toolbox.

Whole-Body Dynamics Control

with D. Pucci, F. Romano and G. Nava

This research activity concerns the control of the iCub whole-body posture exploiting whole-body distributed contacts. This research activity is based on the iCub ability to control joint torques and to detect external contacts through whole-body distributed tactile sensors (i.e. artificial skin).

Open-source software repository: (1) WBI-Toolbox-controllers, (2) codyco-modules, (3) WBI-Toolbox.

Whole-Body Dynamics Modeling and Identification

with S. Traversaro, R. Camoriano

This research activity concerns the problem of modeling the whole-body dynamics of an articulated rigid-body structure. Focus is on computational efficiency which is obtained by implementing state-of-the-art inverse and forward dynamics algorithms (Featherstone 2007). This research activity includes the iCub simulations which include available (e.g. Gazebo) and custom (e.g. mex-wholebodymodel) open-source software

Open-source software repository: (1) mex-wholebodymodel, (2) gazebo-yarp-plugins,

Whole-Body Dynamics Estimation

with S. Traversaro, M. Fumagalli and S. Ivaldi

This research activity concerns the estimation of dynamic quantities (e.g. joint torques, joint accelerations, joint velocities, external forces) from whole-body distributed heterogenous sensors (e.g. artificial skin, accelerometers, gyroscopes, force/torque sensors).

Open-source software repository: (1) bnt_time_varying, (2) idyntree, (3) idyn.